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The Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh states: "If you smile five times a day for NO REASON, you can change your life in 90 days" This is what SMILER - the Instrument of Joy, is about.

Gegga, the Creator of the SMILER, heard this statement in a workshop with N. D. Walsch the author of the bestselling books Conversations with God on October 6, 2008 – the day of the great bank crash in Iceland. Those words made her to open a drawer, in wish she had kept prototype of the SMILER for many years. 

In the past Gegga felt like she was stuck in an emotional pain and she dreamed of a Magical Tool to Turn on Her Happiness! So she created it! She also dreamed, as a little girl, about changing the world so everyone would feel good. She states it´s never to late to let your dreams come true and SMILER is a proof of that. It is not a law of nature to feel bad and happiness is available for all.

SMILER reminds people of that they are their own Creator with Thoughts, Words Feelings and Actions. By doing that SMILER Turns on Peoples Happiness. He is designed as a necklace for men and women of all ages, has humor and is a practical instrument – can be put in one´s mouth to produce a smile – thus getting the world on your side and the Happy Hormones increase in your body.

10% of the profit goes to organizations and communities that uphold love and caring around the world.

Wish you a Smiling Power  :-)
Gegga and SMILER